People often ask us what they should expect weather wise on the Heaphy Track. The short answer is EVERYTHING! The track goes from sea level to almost a 1000m at its’ highest point - and being on the West Coast of New Zealand it is the first point of land that receives all the weather coming off the Tasman Sea. The weather can also change extremely rapidly from Sunny to Hail and vice-versa on the Heaphy Track. We have been on the track in Snow, Hail, Rain and extreme Sun/Heat as well as sub-zero temperatures. Never assume your weather forecast is going to stay true as up on the exposed sections of the track it can, and will, change unexpectedly and rapidly. As such it is really important to be prepared for all eventualities. Take a hat and sunscreen, a good waterproof jacket, and ensure you have a dry set of clothes for when you get to the huts. Make sure you have a good ‘pack liner’ to keep your gear dry. Even if we are biking or running through in a day we will always have emergency dry gear and a good jacket with us! Remember though that the Heaphy Track is an amazing place and in our opinion never more than when there is heavy rain - the creeks and streams come alive and the bush glistens with the water droplets!

Weather forecasters we recommend are:

YR.NO - a great forecaster which you can narrow your search down to individual huts. Look up Mackay Hut as a good indicator of weather on the top of the Heaphy Track. Remember to switch to your language in the top right hand corner before commencing on the site.

METVUW - a good NZ weather site. You can look up 10 day South Island forecasts to sea the weather patterns coming onto the West Coast of the South Island.

Arriving wet and cold at the end of your hike on the Heaphy Track is not a great feeling. Your well deserved sense of achievement can soon diminish. If you have to wait around for a scheduled Heaphy Track Transport service it can be even worse. Even on a good day the sandflies at Kohaihai or Brown can be more than annoying! That’s why having your car relocated to the end of the track is a great way to solve your Heaphy Track Transport logistical issues. What better way to finish than have your dry clean clothes and a few snacks waiting for you and get straight on with your journey. Check out Heaphy Track Help’s HEAPHY TRACK CAR RELOCATION options.