• It is COST EFFECTIVE compared to other forms of transport

  • You are not tied to a scheduled service

  • You will have all your own gear (clean/dry clothes etc.) as soon as you have finished the track

  • You will be able to continue your journey straight away - no waiting for transport or connections to other services

What details you need when bookING

After you initially contact us through our CONTACTS form on the website we will send out an information request for the following:

  • Your name, email & contact phone number in New Zealand (mobile and/or landline)

  • The dates

  • Direction you are walking / biking the Heaphy

  • The number of walkers in your group

  • Vehicle type & registration number

  • Private or Rental vehicle

  • Intentions of hut itinerary

car park safeTY

Both the Kohaihai car park and the Brown Hut car park are considered very safe places to leave vehicles. No damage or break-ins have been known to us there.  Before relocation your vehicle may be stored at our or our driver’s house in Takaka or Westport.


We ask you to have plenty in the tank when you hand your vehicle over to us, and to provide $50 cash minimum so that your tank has sufficient when you finish walking. Fuel is obtainable in Takaka and in Collingwood. The distance from one end of the Heaphy Track to the other is about 465 Km (290 miles) and takes seven hours to drive. For the Golden Bay to West Coast direction we normally refuel for you in Westport (115Km from the Track start) on the way through. If the relocation is from the West Coast to Golden Bay we fill up at Murchison or Motueka. A fuel receipt will be provided for you.

If we are relocating the Abel Tasman Track please leave the car as full as possible. 


There are ATM cash machines in Takaka, and a well-stocked supermarket just opposite the i-Site. There are also plenty of places to get food on your way through to the Brown Hut, including coffee and scones at the Historic Langford's Store just 20 minutes before the track start.

transport for those without a vehicle

We do not provide passenger transport.

the road to the Heaphy Track start

The last 15km of the road to Brown Hut at the Collingwood end of the Heaphy is not tar sealed. The three fords have now been bridged, and the gravel section is well maintained, so the road is passable for all types of vehicles. 

The road in/out at the West Coast end is easy, only 15km (10miles) to Karamea, with a very short gravel section. There is a landline phone at the Kohaihai track end.

mobile phone coverage

There is now mobile phone coverage at Karamea and at the Kohaihai track end. There are only two places with mobile phone coverage on the Heaphy Track itself: at the Aorere Shelter, three hours walk up from Brown Hut (all networks), and at the Heaphy River mouth near the Heaphy Hut.

There is mobile phone coverage at Marahau, Totaranui and Wainui - although it may only be a few bars.



RENTAL VEHICLES: Please let us know if you will be using a private vehicle or a rental vehicle. If you are using a rental vehicle, the rental company will require a copy of our driver’s licence. If you can supply us your insurance reference number, company used, your rental car pick up office and their email address, we can contact them to provide our licence details. Some rental companies are easier to use than others. We will try our best with the company you have chosen, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to relocate the vehicle if the insurance company does not assist. If there is an extra fee for additional drivers onto the rental vehicle you will be liable for this extra charge. Please note that for a Heaphy relocation, there are unsealed roads. Some rental companies do not allow their vehicles to be driven on unsealed roads. Please discuss this with your rental and insurance company for your insurance purposes.

INSURANCE: All rental cars and personal vehicles require fully comprehensive insurance. In the event of a broken windscreen due to a stone chip, it will be the owner or renter that is liable to pay for the repair or organise this through their insurance. In the unlikely event of any accident, theft or other damage, 'HEAPHY TRACK HELP' will not be liable and accept no responsibility. If an accident were to occur it will be the owner’s responsibility to lodge the associated claim with their insurance provider - regardless of where the fault of the accident lays. The customer will be liable for any fees or excess to their insurance company, and not 'HEAPHY TRACK HELP'. For private vehicles, it is the owner’s responsibility to contact their insurance company to advise there will be an additional driver. All of the 'HEAPHY TRACK HELP' drivers are over the age of 25 with a full drivers licence.

CAMPERVANS: We require further information regarding any camper van's age and condition prior to us accepting a relocation.

'HEAPHY TRACK HELP' is not liable for any damage caused to appliances or items stored in the mobile home. We will do our best to take care of the items, however as there are unsealed roads where damage may occur it is the customers responsibility to ensure that all items are secured prior to the car relocation.

CAR CONDITION & EQUIPMENT: In order to relocate any vehicle, it must be road legal (Current WOF/REGO), mechanically sound, and safe to drive. There must be sufficient water, fuel and oil provided for the transfer. Please ensure the car has a spare tyre in the event of a flat, as well as the correct tyre changing equipment. The car must be in good working order. If it is deemed that the car is old or damaged and could break down, we may refuse to transfer the car. We will discuss this with you at the time of key handover.

If for any reason such as the car breaking down, flat battery, or a natural event such as a slip or something that closes the road, we may not be able to get your car to you in time. If a breakdown occurs, the car will be left in the safest area off the road and it is then NOT our responsibility to have your car available to you at the end of the track. HEAPHY TRACK HELP shall not be responsible for non-performance of their obligations to the extent that the carrying out of their obligations is prevented by an event of Force Majeure.

If any of these unforeseen circumstances happen, please call us as soon as you are out at the track end for us to work together to make a plan if this occurs (Rarely needed luckily, but just incase).

BIKE RACKS/TRAILERS: In order for our drivers to return through the track they often use their mountain bikes during the mountain biking season. By signing agreement to these conditions you are also signing to allow HEAPHY TRACK HELP drivers to utilise your bike racks/trailers.

KEYS: We have secure lock boxes located at both ends of the track. We will send out the relevant information to you along with payment instructions. The keys are left at the customer’s risk.

VEHICLE DELIVERY TIME:  Vehicles will be delivered by 12.30pm midday on the final date of your trip as specified. FUEL: We require you to keep $50 cash in the glove box for us to fuel up your car. This is to ensure you have enough fuel to get back to the nearest gas station. If your car is thirsty on fuel, please leave more. We will leave the receipt in the glove box. If your car is amazing on fuel, we will only top up the car what it will take and leave the change in the glove box with the receipt.

PAYMENT: Payment is required within 14 days of the booking confirmation, or immediately if your booking confirmation is within 14 days of the start of your vehicle transfer. However, HEAPHY TRACK HELP may agree to alternative arrangements for dates of payment with individual clients. If payment is not made within this time, we reserve the right to cancel the relocation.

CANCELLATIONS: If cancelled after payment has been made a cancellation fee. Any cancellations prior to SEVEN DAYS before the trip starts will receive a full refund less a 20% cancellation fee. A cancellation made between SEVEN DAYS and FIVE DAYS will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within FOUR DAYS prior to your vehicle relocation will not be refunded. Please discuss any reasons needed for cancellations and we will do our best to work with you to make other arrangements.

PHONE SERVICE: There is phone service available by the beach at Kohaihai but none at Brown Hut. Limited service is available at Heaphy Hut at the mouth of river/beach, and at Aorere Shelter.

WEATHER: The weather is very unpredictable on the Heaphy, please ensure you have adequate supplies and warm clothing. Feel free to ask for recommendations of equipment required during your trip.

Heaphy Track Help are contracted to relocate your vehicle and are not liable, or responsible, for your trip on the Track.